Best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free

Best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free: In times of boredom, what else could be a better pass time than watching movies and shows? But during this time, the online platforms providing movies and shows were so costly that an average person couldn’t afford them. So, what to do during that situation. Don’t worry because we have the solution for this problem and to resolve this problem. We are providing you best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free. 

Best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free

Yes, you heard it right you don’t need to pay even a single penny to watch movies free online on these sites. So, see all the 10 sites provided here and choose which shows or movies you would love to watch.


AZMovies is one of the best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free, which provides high-quality free streaming of movies and other stuff. The user experience of this platform is very impressive. If you’re a newbie or a first-time user of this site, you don’t have to face difficulty understanding the working mechanism of this application.

Yes, this is a VPN-friendly platform. You can easily use VPN and access the high-quality content of AZMovies. It has a comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows that you can easily access in 1080p and 720p. This application is entirely free, but it shows ads.

 Website link:-


This is the 2nd most popular and best site to watch movies and tv shows for free. This website is well recognized because of its high-quality content in different varieties. This site is easy to use, where you can easily find your desired content. The catalog of this site is very impressive. This website attains a user-friendly categorization of the content. This feature will facilitate you to find the type of content you want to access quickly. This application is trendy and attains 491k New users. All the services of this application are free, but you may have to face annoying ads. 

Website link:-


TUBI is one of the most popular and best sites to watch movies free online streaming platform where you don’t need any subscription to access the forum. Users can enjoy thousands of movies and Tv shows of supreme quality with this platform. The content catalog of this platform is decent, and the website appearance is also user-friendly. You can easily download the official application from any app downloader. Yes, this application is VPN compatible, but this application is only available in the USA. You’ll experience comparatively fewer ads on this website while watching content, which is excellent.

Website Link:-


If you’re looking for an online streaming platform where you can easily enjoy watching high-quality content without paying any amount with fewer ads, you shouldn’t miss GoStream. This platform attains an impressive user interface that allows you to search and access thousands of movies with just one click.

The library of this website is imposing and filled with the most popular and demanded content. You can’t experience TV shows, which is a minor drawback, but it is one of the best apps you won’t miss out on for movies. This application is VPN friendly and attains a maximum of 4 ads annoyance.

Website link:-


If you’re searching for the best sites for free TV shows and a platform/site that provides high-quality streaming content without any cost, then 123movies is the best option. This website is well known because of its superb picture quality. Yes, this website is a VPN-compatible website that attains 317k monthly visitors.

This platform provides high-quality streaming with a better user interface. You may face annoying ads on this website, but this website’s content quality is superb so we can ignore the annoying ads.

Website Link:-


This website is owned by Amazon, which provides excellent quality content with a superb level of security. Yes, this website shows ads, but all the services of this platform are free. Therefore, you can easily access all the benefits without paying any amount.

To use this website, you must have an Amazon account. You have to enroll in it with your Amazon account, and then only you’ll get access to this platform. You’ll also get a detailed analysis and information on your watch content. Well, the content library of this platform is not very wide, but it’s good.

Website link:-


Well, I know that you’re compatible with the name YouTube. “Yes,” Youtube is one of the largest video streaming platforms where you can browse anything you want. More than 2.42 billion people use Youtube and enjoy uninterrupted and High-quality content without paying anything. You can easily access movies, TV shows of different nations, music videos, comedy content, and many other categories. YouTube also shows ads, and its Ad annoyance is approx 5.

It attains a user-friendly interface and a dedicated search bar so you can easily search for the content you want.



Kanopy is one of the best sites for free TV shows and online streaming platforms because no ads will disturb you while enjoying the content. So, you can watch high-quality movies without any ads in Kanopy. Moreover, you can easily stream unlimited content here. To access this website, you need your university email address.

It is a legit website where you can easily enjoy a complete assessment of high-quality content without hidden charges. You have to register on this platform.

Website link:-

Peacock TV

If you use an online streaming platform for watching movies or TRV shoes, you must hear PeaCock TV’s name. This platform is one of the most popular online streaming platforms, first introduced on 15 July 2020. This application is well known for its high compatibility with various platforms like Android Devices, Roku, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV, Apple TV, and many others. You can easily access high-quality movies, TV shows, and other stuff here. The movies and tv shows here are awe-inspiring and great to watch.

This application is not available in all countries. It is available in the US only, but it is VPN compatible, so you can easily use this application with the help of a VPN outside the USA.

Website Link:-


MovieStars is also a great platform that provides high-quality video streaming services. It is one of the best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free. The overview of his website is very impressive. Even a beginner can also use this application easily. You’ll experience a very minimal amount of ads on this platform, which is imposing. Moreover, it has a great support system where you can complain about any issues.

Yes, this website is secure, and you have to enter any of your details to access the services of this website. You can easily use this application with a VPN. It has a comprehensive collection of movies and tV shows with different levels of picture quality. So, you can easily enjoy high-quality movies and TV shows on MovieStars.

Website link:- 


In this article, we have shared with you some of the best sites to watch movies for free, and we have also shared with you the best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free. So, if you were a person who was unable to watch paid movies and tv shows, then this article would have helped you a lot. We have tried our best to help you out, but if you still have any questions or complaints about this article, you can comment below, and we will try our best to resolve your issues.

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