Truecaller phone number search online free

Online truecaller search number– Truecaller phone number search is an online free app that enables its users to trace the name and details of an unknown mobile number.

Truecaller is so popular that it has become the world’s largest caller Id checking app worldwide. This app is so helpful, and it also helps people to be protected from scams as it detects spam calls and informs you before in hand.  

Online truecaller search number

Using this app, you can know the name and some other details of the persons calling you, no matter whether they are unknown to you or not. In addition, it has a huge database of mobile numbers, which helps the online Truecaller search number.

Among the users of truecaller phone number search online free, most people are from India, and the Vice- president of growth and partnerships in Asia said that the accurate caller number search adds 110,000 users a day in India. With the help of this data, we can imagine the popularity of this app in India. This article will inform you more about the Truecaller phone number search online free and share the steps to do the Truecaller number search online.

Truecaller phone number search online free

Step by Step Process

The main motive of Truecaller is to target the phonebooks of the massive community of mobile phone users in the world. This means that as soon as you download the Truecaller name search app on your phone, the app picks up the details of all of your contacts on your phonebook and integrates them into its databases. In that way, it collects the data of millions of people and shows it to other people in its app.  

So, if you want to know the details of someone by doing the online Truecaller search number, you should follow the steps given below for the true caller online number search.

Step 1: Go to the website of Truecaller

Truecaller phone number search online free

Step 2: You have to sign in to the website to continue. You can sign in using some of your accounts like Google, Microsoft, etc.

Truecaller phone number search online free

Step 3: You need to enter the person’s mobile number whose details you want to find. First, you have to make sure that the country code is correct. If it isn’t, then you have to enter it by yourself.

Step 4: Click the search button in the blue box.

Truecaller number search online.
Truecaller number search online.

That’s it, and a new page will open on your screen with the details of your required person. It is an easy step, but if you find it complicated, then you can even do the true caller name search app download by following the steps given below, and in that case, all of the details of the person will appear on the screen as soon as they call you on your phone.

Truecaller number check app Download

Below are the steps to download True caller online. 

Downloading Truecaller online is an effortless task. You can do it in just a few easy steps listed below.

  • Go to Google Play Store or any other app store on your device.
  • Search for “Truecaller” in the search bar and click the search button 
  • Now click on the right Truecaller app and click on the install button.

That’s it you have downloaded the Truecaller mobile app.

How to use the Truecaller app?

So, as you have downloaded the Truecaller number search app now, you need to know how to use and customise it to benefit you by showing the contact details of the person who calls you. So just follow the steps given below, and you are ready to use the app.

Step 1: Open the truecaller application. 

Step 2: After opening the app, you might see a “Get Started” button; just click on it.

Step 3: You have to choose whether to use Truecaller as your default calling app or continue with the same. Click on Truecaller and click on the “Set as default” button.

Step 4: You have to set Truecaller as your default spam app. Just put it as default to continue.

Step 5: Now, a new page will appear to choose your country code and enter your mobile number. After doing that, just click on the Continue button.

Step 6: Read the privacy policy carefully and then click on “Agree and continue”.

Step 7: You have to create your profile by entering your name manually or using your Google or Facebook account. Type everything carefully and click on the continue button if you are doing it manually.

You are done now while receiving any calls on your phone, whether it’s a known number or unknown, their real name will automatically appear on your screen, and you would also be informed if they are a scam. 


In this article, we have shared some things about the online Truecaller search number app. So if you didn’t have any idea about Truecaller online, I hope this article would have been beneficial for you. We have tried to clear all of your queries about the Truecaller search, but if you still have any more questions related to this topic, you can comment below, and we will try our best to help you out.

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