Adani project sparks controversy in Sri Lanka yet again

 An Adani project in Sri Lanka is yet again at the centre of controversy, after a top official of the Ceylon Electricity Board

CEB) told a parliamentary panel that a renewable energy project in the island’s northern Mannar district was given to the Adani Group

after Prime Minister Narendra Modi “pressured” President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

but soon withdrew it, saying he had been “emotional”. Between his statement on Friday and swift withdrawal was a tweet from Mr. Gotabaya on Saturday that said:

“Re[garding] a statement made by the #lka CEB Chairman at a COPE committee hearing regarding the award of a Wind Power Project in Mannar, 

I categorically deny authorisation to award this project to any specific person or entity. I trust responsible communication in this regard will follow.”

The President’s office followed up with a statement “vehemently denying” the CEB official’s remarks. 

“Sri Lanka is currently in an acute shortage of power and President desires to expedite implementation of mega power projects as early as possible.