LeBron James attempted to recruit 5x All-Star for the LA Lakers last offseason

The LA Lakers were hunting for a third star last summer, and LeBron James reportedly wanted to acquire DeMar DeRozan.

It is widely known that DeRozan wanted to play with the Lakers as well before he eventually signed with the Chicago Bulls.

DeRozan was reportedly giddy to learn that his hometown team wanted to sign him.

But Rob Pelinka and company decided to go in a different direction and sign another Los Angeles native, Russell Westbrook.

The Lakers ended up having a massively disappointing 33-49 campaign as they didn't even make the play-in tournament.

On the other hand, DeRozan had one of the best seasons of his career, finishing 10th in MVP voting.

On her podcast "Naked with Cari Champion," she said:"I talked to LeBron about it. I ran into him at an event, and he goes, 'Well, I was trying to get DeMar.' I was just like, 'Stop it!'"